It is estimated that besides smartphones, tablets, and PCs more than 26 billion “things” will be connected to the Internet by 2020. This phenomenon of an interconnected world is called “Internet of Things” a.k.a. IoT and it will dramatically change our lives in the coming years.

InfoSteer is a start-up company with a groundbreaking idea that will deliver an incredibly fast, greatly scalable, secure, hosted, and real-time data delivery platform for internet-enabled devices and applications.


This platform will make it possible for developers to build IoT applications at a faster rate. Developers will now also be able to write applications without being an expert and having the worries of seamless connection recovery, geo-location, device interoperability, network outages, scalability, encryption, security and authentication.


This is just the beginning!


Secure and Realtime Data Delivery and Communication Platform for Internet of Things Developers

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InfoSteer IoT Platform